PwC Tanzania Academy

Platform for learning and exchange of ideas on practical tax issues

We can help you work smarter, navigate the murky business environment and position yourself to pull ahead of your competition.

The PwC Tanzania Academy is a monthly knowledge building and experience sharing forum on tax and other business matters, designed to provide a platform for learning and exchange of ideas on practical issues. Each session will be facilitated by subject matter experts.  

Some of the objectives of the the PwC Tanzania Academy include the following:

  • To expose participants to issues from tax, business, accounting and regulatory perspectives. 
  • To give participants an insight into the perspective of the tax authorities 
  • To bridge the gap between the law and practice 
  • To give participants hands on experience through exercises and case studies based on real life issues 
  • To provide clarity on issues which were previously "grey" or unclear before training sessions. 
  • To enlightened participants on recent tax and business developments, in order to keep them abreast of potential business risks.
  • To assist companies deal with uncertain tax positions, relating to issues around financial reporting. 


Register below for the 2023 training sessions

HiddenDate Date Title Location
20230428 28/04/23 Pulling fraud out of the shadows | Virtual training Virtual event
20230526 26/05/23 Cross border considerations for businesses - tax treaties and international tax implications | Virtual training Virtual event
20230623 23/06/23 Tax audit, investigation, litigation and risk management | Virtual training Virtual event
20230721 21/07/23 Cybersecurity maturity assessment | Virtual training Virtual event
20230825 25/08/23 Indirect tax masterclass 1 - VAT, Excise duty and Service Levy | Virtual training Virtual event
20230922 22/09/23 Indirect tax masterclass 2 - Customs procedure and post clearance audits | Virtual training Virtual event
20231027 27/10/23 Business process automation | Virtual training Virtual event
20231124 24/11/23 ESG | Virtual training Virtual event

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