Financial assurance

Financial Assurance is the process of establishing the integrity and credibility of financial disclosures through an external review process. An increasing number of organisations report on issues which require a high level of independent assurance, such as compliance with agreed service or control standards.

The purpose of an audit is to form a view on whether the information presented in the financial report, taken as a whole, fairly reflects the financial position of the organisation at a given date. The assurances sought include comfort over the completeness and accuracy of the information and its consistency with actual performance.

Financial Assurance and PwC

In order to obtain these assurances, we conduct an audit in accordance with the applicable Auditing Standards while also including tests and procedures relevant to your circumstances. The effectiveness of our audits is enhanced by our extensive industry knowledge and experience which we tailor to suit the size and nature of your organisation, whether you are a large listed company or a small high growth business.

PwC believes in creating a client experience which adds value and comfort, but also builds a lasting relationship based on trust and confidence.


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