The East Africa Salary Survey

Compensation in a period of uncertainty

PwC is carrying out an East African salary survey cutting across various sectors. The resultant report will be rich in job title and job grade salary benchmarking data.

Why participate? 

In today’s dynamic economy, employers are constantly looking for a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent while at the same time, containing overall staff costs. This can be difficult when reward and remuneration packages are not available in the public domain. Some of the questions that companies commonly seek answers to are:

  • How much is this job/grade paid in the market? 
  • How are employers configuring the best compensation & benefits mix? 
  • What are the benefits of tweaking your remuneration structure to add, vary or remove elements or to introduce an element of flexibility? 

Get an understanding of the reward environment in the East African market through our comprehensive sector-based report!


The East Africa Salary Survey by PwC is here!

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