Recruitment process

Graduate recruitment drive

Our staff will be on the ground to speak to you on what it takes to join PwC.

Online application

Using our simplified application process, all applications will be through our PwC website careers portal. Simply register your details and submit your application.

Aptitude test

The Assessment test ensures you are able to carry out the technical aspects of the job, you will need:

  • Original and copy of your identification document/passport
  • Copy of your O-Level certificate
  • Copy of your A-Level certificate
  • Copy of your degree certificate
  • Two passport-size photographs

First interview

This first interview is an opportunity for you to meet one of our managers or recruiters to talk about your experiences and why you are interested in a position at PwC. Remember this is also a time for you to ask questions and learn more about the firm.

Second interview

If successful in the first interview, we will invite you for final stage of interview which will be with a Partner or Director to share your experiences and ask questions.

Offer to successful candidates

Successful candidates will get a chance to work at PwC.

Reporting day

An exciting on-boarding process awaits the successful graduate recruits. You will get to interact with the rest of PwC staff and start an amazing journey in your career.

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Joan Mabeyo

Manager, PwC Tanzania

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